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CDF DIVERSE EPOXY SYSTEM is a fluid applied resin flooring system consisting of 100% solids epoxy and graded aggregates that provide a Floor System from 10 mils to 1/4” thick. CDF DIVERSE EPOXY SYSTEM produces a dense, chemical resistant, skid-inhibiting finish that will minimize maintenance and provide a durable finish. It can also be modified for thermal shock.  

CDF DIVERSE EPOXY SYSTEM can have a variety of decorative finishes including colored quartz or vinyl chips (see color charts).   Our system is designed to enhance the chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, gloss retention, and non-yellowing properties. CDF DIVERSE EPOXY SYSTEM can have an additional non-skid added as part of the final seal coat (aluminum oxide). 

CDF DIVERSE EPOXY SYSTEM can be installed with an integral cove base for areas requiring seamless wall to floor coatings. A waterproof crack-resistant system can be achieved by using a waterproofing membrane which Cole Diamond has adopted as a standard primer for most projects (see moisture vapor treatment for more details).

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